2015 Leora Haber '16


Leora Haber is from Merion Station, Pennsylvania and was a Chemistry major at Princeton. 

After graduation she planned to take a gap year before attending medical school. As an incoming freshman, Leora said “playing rugby was the last thing I thought I’d ever do, but joining the team was one of the best decisions I ever made”.  Leora reflected on her team rugby experience at Princeton saying, “this team has helped me grow so much as an athlete and as a person. I really can’t imagine my Princeton experience without it.” 


Coach Ryan describes Leora as a natural leader, who leads with a smile and an encouraging word. As a freshman she led extra fitness sessions after practices and despite her injury in her 

sophomore year, she continued to attend practices and games, watching, learning, filming and 

even making sure the water bottles were filled. Though she suffered a number of injuries through her four years at Princeton, she continued to be an inspiration to all - from the players to the coaches and staff.