Jochebed Muflam '17


2016 Winner: Jochebed Muflam ‘17 

Jochebed Muflam, originally from Cameroon, Africa, matriculated at Princeton University in September 2013 and joined the women’s rugby team as a first semester freshman. It was evident in her first season that she was going to be a leader and a guiding force for the women’s 

team. At first she was a reluctant leader, as she was just learning the game and wanted to improve. In high school she was  a star basketball player at Princeton High School where she was the leader; on the Princeton rugby team she just wanted to be part of the team. But that was not to be, as from the start in her first game, her athletic prowess and determination shined 

as a beacon for her teammates. She became captain at the end of her sophomore year and was an amazing leader through her senior year. Whether on the field or off, the rest of the team would look to Jochebed for her to lead them in the right direction. 

In her coach Chris Ryan’s words, “the name Jochebed Muflam belongs on the Rogers’ Award, to be forever looked at along with the other winners of the award as true Princeton Rugby players and leaders”.